Rachel Brown, LMT


Sometimes we not only forget, but also neglect, the toll that the stress and tension of life imposes on each of us, our relationships with others, and the pain and suffering that ensues without advance notice.  With that said, it is important to receive good oxygen and blood flow to the many cells throughout your body, in order to achieve maximum efficiency. Stated most simply:  take the time to give your body all the attention it deserves, because you've earned it!

Maintaining optimum health is essential in order to accomplish the big-ticket items all of us have in life (being physically fit, spending time with children and grandchildren, reaching business goals, traveling, etc.).  Massage is an outstanding way for your body to experience the numerous benefits that can only come from experienced, healing hands. Can you imagine the benefits of a relaxing Swedish massage and inhaling the feeling of serenity and contentment it brings?  What about additional unwinding techniques, such as cranial-sacral therapy and reflexology, along with a deep tissue massage?  Close your eyes: can you feel it now?  I can.

Bottom line:  the only person who is going to make time for rest and relaxation, without the need to travel halfway across the country to do so, is you.  Accordingly, at the end of the day, re-energizing yourself on a regular basis is just the tip of the iceberg to maintaining mental, physical and emotional clarity.

The time is now to pamper yourself while rejuvenating your mind and body.  Your Journey of Relaxation awaits!



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